Business Process Improvement Project

Client: Japanese Equipment Manufacturer


An Indian arm of one of the major Japanese Equipment Manufacturer faced issues with regard to employee efficiency, localized policy decisions, accounting processes, administrative functioning, and risk management.


Team ProBuds was approached to suggest remedial measures to deal with the issues that this company was facing. Our mandate was clear. The processes and documents/ formats should be aligned with the mission objectives and best industry practices, measurable for performance metrics, and understandable at all levels of organization. The progress of our assignment was monitored at the Board level and legal team of parent company.


Team ProBuds initiated their assignment by first understanding the Vision and Mission document of the parent Japanese company, with goal objectives defined at all levels of organization. Our assignment progress enlisted the activities to be scheduled ahead with their tentative timelines and responsibility assigned.


After an extensive research, content preparation, implementation strategies, and training programs, Team ProBuds delivered the following activities that was validated by the legal team of parent Japanese company:

  • Preparation of Job Descriptions/ Job Flowcharts for every department function
  • Preparation of Delegation of Authority Matrix
  • Risk Management Matrix/ Risk Register (localized to Indian operations)
  • Drafting of detailed Standard Operating Policies (SOPs) for key functions like, Accounting (ERP based), Procurement, Sales, Inventory and Stores, and Treasury Management
  • Drafting of complete set of Human Resource Manual
  • On-site Compliance walkthroughs with submission of exception reports
  • Developing Performance Benchmark Matrix to help measure goal objective performance during annual appraisal activity