Governance, Risk & Compliance | Value-Add Services

    • Governance Controls

Simply put, Corporate Governance deals with how the company needs to be ethically governed. This includes laying down the guidelines, as to how a company can be directed and controlled, in a way, that it can fulfil its goals and objectives, such that it adds to the value of the company, and is beneficial for all stakeholders as well.

Our services under ‘Corporate Governance’ include:

      • Governance Control Audits
      • Policy & Strategy Management (Research & Implementation)
      • Board Evaluation Practices
      • Board Room Best Practices and Training Programs
    • Risk Controls

Our other services related to ‘Risk Control’ include:

      • Designing Enterprise Risk Management Framework with help of domain experts
      • Building Risk Registers and Control Matrices based on industry standards
      • Risk Assessments & developing Mitigation Strategies
      • Process Automation to reduce risk vulnerabilities
    • Risk Register/ Matrix

A Risk Register is a control document to identify various risks, assess issues involving possibilities of threat to the operations and management, and how these risks can be mitigated, with defined responsibility.

Advantages of building a Risk Register or Risk Matrix:

      • As a Management Tool, it encourages proactive management, that need to be aware of risks identified and mitigate each risk throughout the organization;
      • Achieve balance between risk management practices as required by legal and regulatory framework and industry best practices;
      • Timely identification of opportunities and threats, lead to risk averse polices and practices;
      • Establish risk controls with objectives, with defined responsibilities which further can be translated into Key Result Areas (KRA) for achievement and measurement;
      • Reporting Risk by priority, encourages the Management to undertake formidable steps and curtail the possibility of consequences resultant thereto
    • Compliance & Legal Research

Our team of Legal experts that involve members from reputed Legal Law firms, and members having vast corporate experience, acts as an empowering strength in delivering impeccable outcome in terms of applicability of Laws, to a client organization.

This ‘Value-Add’ activity includes:

      • Research of ‘all applicable’ Laws pertaining to a client organization, as per the Industry/ Location(s)/ Business Unit(s)/ Product, with specific focus on nature of operations,
      • Applicability of Laws ranges from Central Laws to municipal areas or specified area of any business unit
      • Preparing compliance list of all the applicable Laws, which eventually can be used as Compliance Master List for mapping to eCompliance
      • Risk categorization of applicable compliance’s in consultation of client organization
      • An extensive checklist is used for ascertaining the applicability of Laws, that ensures maximum coverage of compliance’s applicable
      • The process may involve physical visits to business units or confirmations received from incumbents
    • Compliance & Legal Walkthrough

‘Legal Walkthrough‘ is an activity to assess the compliance status of an organization for a defined compliance period. Our experienced team members assess the status based on the industry specific customized compliance checklist.

The ‘Legal Walkthrough’ activity comprises of :

      • Comprehensive study of compliance status on ‘as is’ basis, to verify Laws practiced viz-a-viz Laws applicable
      • Submission of ‘Exception Report’ alongwith suggested future actions
      • By default, period of last 4 quarters will be considered as ‘Compliance Period’ to be covered for walkthrough. The ‘Compliance Period’ for which the walkthrough needs to be done, can be extended on request of client organization

Exclusion: This activity does not include any regularizing of non-compliances, as pointed out in Walkthrough report. However, the non-compliances can be regularized as separate project, depending upon the risk categorization of exception report

    • Compliance & Legal Updates

Post implementation of eCompliance, we also provide the Compliance Support (as part of AMC) with regard to regular Law updations and sending amendment notifications to all Compliance Users, alongwith Software Support by providing constant changes to the application with most advanced unique features

Following services are part of our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):

      • ‘Legal Updation’ of the Compliance Master for any judgment/ notifications/ amendments/ acts under mapped Laws,
      • Continuous monitoring by our IT team for Software’s effectiveness, version upgradation without change in functionality/ features, etc,
      • Auto-updation of upgraded versions in software (this includes new versions that do not change the functionality agreed to) for efficient compliance monitoring,
      • Our service teams are available on mails during business hours, and our TAT is to respond within 24hrs
    • Data Migration

‘Data Migration Services‘ would include:

      • Collection of documents to be uploaded and archived from various incumbents, for the specified period, as agreed with client organization,
      • Indexing of the documents collected ensuring 100% correlation with the document listing,
      • Scanning of the documents collected and making them ready for upload keeping in mind the size and quality,
      • Updating the document attributes/ metadata fields in the application making sure error-free updation


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