Need For Compliance Ecosystem

Implementation of Compliance Ecosystem conforms to guidelines of ISO 19600 “Compliance Management System” and ISO 31000” Risk Management”

Industry specific as well as General laws as applicable to the Organization mapped for monitoring, even international laws can be included Laws and forms are updated as and when notified

User-friendly formats, pictorial representations. Easy monitoring and global access through hand held devices- like smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc

Unlimited users and multiple business units can be mapped

Compliance Report & MIS can be generated on real-time basis Escalation of non-compliance to top management

Works on web- based SaaS (Software as a Service) model as well as internal Enterprise Server

Our “Compliance Ecosystem” protects the Company, Directors, Officer -in-default, from potential risks, and serves as a perfect Risk Management Solution

Compliance Implementation Process-cycle

  • Mandate by Top Management

o [Best Practice] Voluntary requirement of Compliance Ecosystem

o [By Law] Mandatory requirement of monitoring mechanism

  • Legal Walkthroughs and Compliance Master identified
  • Business Process Mapping
  • ‘eCompliance’ integration and Trainings
  • AMC ensures Legal and Software updates
  • Legal Audits & Periodic Walkthroughs
  • Assessment of Applicable Laws
  • Compliance listing & Risk Categorization
  • Management Reporting & Performance Analysis
  • Gap Analysis & Exceptional Reporting
  • Exceptional Reporting with recommendations to keep client organization up-to-date

This process-cycle conforms to ISO 19600 “Compliance Management System”, as generic guidance and, further assists in implementation of specific compliance related requirement, combining the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 31000

Compliance Mobility App – eCompliance SmarTab

Introducing, first-of-its-kind, Compliance Mobility App, that monitors status of compliances on Users hand held device

This App provides the User a rich experience of Analytics and Reporting.

Provides some of the advanced features with monitoring capability, that allows the User to overview compliance from multiple aspects

Direct integration with web-based application makes it easier to be implemented without external support, and yet maintains similar level of security as available under web-based application



Benefits of implementing eCompliance

Internal control over compliances, and ensures Business Continuity

Intrusive Mechanism for the Directors since this is a system for effective compliance monitoring

Effective Corporate Governance with supervision of applicable laws and regulations on an ongoing basis

Low maintenance cost thus effective for small to large organizations

Intrinsic Saving of manpower resource and cost of compliance

Helps internal auditors in completing the time bound audits