Auxiliary Services

CFO Virtual Services

ProBuds is committed to provide cost competitive professional services to organisations, who are scaling up their operations, and wish to propel their growth in a lean manner. Founder Promoters need to focus on their business and product development, while ensuring that financial discipline and strategic intent is followed at operational levels. ProBuds works closely with entrepreneurs in formulating strategic financial framework through its CFO Virtual Services, that assist the organisation in embracing scalable opportunities.

ProBuds offers advisory in form of CFO Virtual Services in following domains:

    • Working Capital Management Planning
    • Supervision of Accounting process
    • Suggesting improvements to strengthen the accounting and control framework 
    • Building a robust Management Reporting framework 
    • Preparation of Project Reports
    • Preparation of Budgetary framework with budget templates, aligning with strategic goals of the company
    • Conducting budget training sessions with all Departments
    • Review framework and variance analysis.
    • Formulation of strategy and operational framework
    • Mid term strategy review
    • Developing process and procedures with regard to functional framework, such as, Accounting Manual, HR Manual, Procurement Manual, Service/ Operations Manual, etc
    • Act as an Advisor to the Board for them to understand the importance of Risk assessment in decision making and building procedures and framework to mitigate any exposures

Back Office Management

ProBuds combines its team’s knowledge of industry processes, various laws and accounting conventions with contemporary wisdom and latest technology to deliver management support services to corporates.

Probuds Back Office Management is pivotal to our ‘One Stop Shop’ services handled by our Consulting team.

Following services are included under Back Office Management:

    • Incorporation of all types of business entities
    • Handling one-time as well as regular secretarial compliances
    • Regularisation of non-compliances
    • Due Diligence process either for inward investment or outward investment for acquisitions
    • Facilitate all types of statutory registrations, permits, licences,
    • Contract Management
    • Compliance procedures
    • Secretarial Advisory tie-ups with leading industry experts
    • On-boarding activities and documentation
    • Preparation of Appointment Letters and employment agreements,
    • Salary structuring,
    • Tax planning and declaration activities
    • Increment analysis and computation,
    • Preparation of Monthly Salary Register through payroll software, fulfilling all necessary compliance’s related to workforce
    • Banking activities,
    • Expense reimbursement tracking
    • Adherence to labour laws,
    • Separation formalities in case of Resignation/ retirement
    • Basic book-keeping of all accounting records
    • Preparation of Financial Statements
    • Assistance in getting Statutory Audit  conducted for the Client organisation
    • Preparation of Management Information Reports (MIS) as per the format approved by the Client organisation
    • Handling client’s Invoice and Receivable Management
    • Banking Reconciliations and Fund Flow Reporting
    • Direct Tax Advisory services, including
    • Corporate Tax planning
    • Employee/ Individual Tax planning
    • Expats Tax planning
    • Preparation and filing of Tax Returns
    • Transfer Pricing Compliance
    • GST Advisory Services, that includes
    • Validation of records for GST Compliance
    • Preparation and filing of GST Returns
    • Periodic reconciliations with books of accounts and GST Returns
    • Applying for GST refunds

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management services by ProBuds provide assurance, on asset accounting, adequate disclosures, thus safeguarding the assets through its various customised offerings, which include;


  1. Physical verification of Fixed Assets of an Organisation, covering  pan India locations along with preparation of exception reports on gaps and reconciliations with financial books
  2. All activities relating to Asset Capitalisation, including preparation of Fixed Asset Register fulfilling requirements of Companies Act 2013 and Income Tax Act 1961, alongwith reconciliations with financial books
  3. Advisory on Asset identification method, including assignment of Asset Codes to each asset item (by affixing the QR/ Bar codes)