VerifyFA – Fixed Assets Verification App


Dashboard Monitoring | No use of Paper | Advanced Search Options | Resoure Planning | Centralized Planning | Internal Audit Controls

Unique android based Mobile Application for verifying Fixed Assets

Completely eliminates need for physical printing of paper sheets

Dashboard driven monitoring with real-time progress status

Useful for Central, as well as, Unit Management

Optimized Advanced Search options available

Verification options through QR Code or Manual Search

Editing of Asset details while verification happens

Eliminates time for preparation of exception reports as these are available real-time


Search history of assets verified maintained till verification plan is completed

Unique capability of building customized verification cycle

Simple use of Excel spreadsheet for listing of Asset items

In-built controls to avoid duplication of asset list items

Advanced Search parameters can be defined

Asset Category-wise resource planning available

Unique advanced Exception Reports available

Web-based module helps in centralized monitoring


Audit Control | Expense Reduction | Central Monitoring | Increase in Productivity

Provides complete control to client entity of planning and execution of verification process

Can facilitate Internal Audit planning for periodic verification cycles

Reduces Audit expenditure by 70% as limited resources are needed

Facilitates faster verification process due to optimized search options

No pre-installation program is required, as the application is built on open source

Suits every kind of organization without worrying on the type of assets or number of assets

VerifyFA WorkCycle

Upload | Plan Verification Cycle | Scan - Search | Update | Reporting

Why QR Code helps?

A QR code can be read by any imaging device, even a smart-phone.

QR code can be used for product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management and general maintenance purposes.

In relation to fixed assets, QR code can help displaying information, like, asset description, location, brand and model details, date of purchase, maintenance information, picture of the asset, dept owner details, servicing information, etc.

The information is retrieved instantly from the defined database, maintained either on ‘cloud’ or ‘physical server’.

At time of audit, the person concerned can simply scan the QR code associated with the asset, using VerifyFA App, and confirm the presence of those assets in the organization.

Fixed Asset Verification App

Automate | Audit Controls | Cost Efficient | Resource Productive | Smart Solution

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