Non-Compliance’s may lead to Valuation meltdown for Startups

ProBuds Strategy Consulting is excited to be part of a StartUp Workshop in associated with ZNation Labs and IIT-Roorkee, to be held on 26th May 2019 at IIT Roorkee’s Greater Noida Campus. The core team members from ProBuds will be speaking to varied StartUps on the topic “Compliance’s before and after fundraising”. We’ll be showcasing our Compliance Ecosystem as well that has been pre-configured for startups to start using the same.

Compliance’s these days have become an imperative task that any Promoter or Director does not want to miss now. In past instances, the non-compliance’s of many Startups have given Investors a chance to negotiate their valuation downward, or increase their shareholding with same investment, in a pretext of gaining control. Startups due to their quest to save as much cost possible and not investing in core teams to look after their finance and compliance, are likely to face similar threat during every funding round.

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